Welcome to Biogas
Biogas Digester Construction

Our company is headed by CEO John Afari Idan, a Sanitary Engineer and Gate and BORDA trained Biogas Technologist.

Other members of our team here are:

:: Mr. Robert Acheampong, Civil Engineer
:: Mr. Emmanuel Appoh, Enviromental Scientist
:: Mrs. Mercy Esi Idan, Corporate Administrator
:: Ms. Victoria Yankson, Civil Engineer
:: Mr. John Amaglo, Geotechnical Surveyor
:: Splash Technology Limited, Public Relations/Web Publicity


:: We Serve:
Health Institutions
Educational Institutions
Places of Worship
Recreational Facilities
Military Barracks
Police Barracks
Private Households
Public Toilets
Agro-Processing Industries
Food Processing Industries
Real Estate Developments
Sports Stadia
Tourist Areas
Hotels & Restaurants
Biogas Project Site