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BTAL Partners With Genser Power Inc.

Biogas Technologies Limited has entered into a collaboration with Genser Power (Ghana) Inc to build and operate a 3 MW power generating facility for the city of Accra, Ghana.

Genser Power Inc is an independent power plant operator based in the British Virgin Islands. Genser Power Inc has a lot of experience supplying power at affordable prices both to private parties as well as the grid in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Genser Power Inc currently has 3 operational subsidiaries supplying electricity through distributed generation to clients in Ecuador, Haiti and Columbia with a total installed base of over 350 MW. In all these cases, Genser Power has provided full turn-key solutions including engineering, procurement, construction and operations & maintenance. Genser Power Inc is currently in the process of obtaining ISO-9002 (2002).

Starting in 2005, Genser Power Inc entered into a joint venture with a large industrial group to combine technical expertise with solid financial support. This joint venture plans to invest heavily in power generation across starting in Ghana. The plan for the next 5 years is to grow by 250 MW per annum in generating capacity using Biogas, Diesel No. 2, HFO No. 6 (Bunker C), LPG and natural gas fired plants while vigorously investigating the use of jatropha, currently being cultivated in Ghana.

Core Business
Genser Power Inc typically executes the entire operations of its power plants; it occasionally provides turn-key solutions for clients who would like to own and operate their own plants.

Most engineering is carried out internally. Civil works, piping and steam designs are typically outsourced to contractors who are supervised by Genser staff

Main generator sets directly purchased from OEM or power plants. Switchgears are purchased from renowned companies such as Siemens. Transformers are purchased from power plants in the US. Small HRSG’s are imported or procured locally while larger HRSG are procured in the US, Mexico or Brazil

This is completely outsourced under Genser’s direct supervision

Operations & Maintenance
Directly carried out by Genser personnel with 24/7 operation during the initial months of operation for each plant. The night shift is eliminated after a number of months of stable operations; however, the supervisor and mechanics are available 24/7 at each major location.

Fuel Supply
Genser Power Inc has entered into an agreement with Biogas Technologies Limited to utilize BTAL's Biogas fuel for power generation in Ghana.


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