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How long does it take to get your system in place?
For plants with digester volumes ranging between 8m3 and 120m3 we spend 8 weeks to construct no matter the nature of the soil texture.

For plants with multiple digesters with volume sizes ranging from 200m3 to over 1000m3 and above, the maximum construction period can be determined during data collection. In any case, it shall not exceed 6 months.

How much land do we need to give up in order to adopt your system?
The size of land needed for various plant sizes differs but the bottom line is that one of the best attributes of Anaerobic Digestion Systems is land economization.

Are there any legal issues with adopting your system?
There are no adverse legal issues with the adoption of the BTAL/ADS plants. There are rather several legal supports for the adoption of the technology.

What is the lifespan of your system?
A robustly built BTAL/ADS plant has a minimum life span of 50 years.

How is maintenance carried out on your system?
Maintenance on our plants is carried out by our maintenance team free of charge for the first 12 months of operation. We also ensure that clients are fully abreast with normal routine maintenance through our training programmes.

How much does it cost to maintain the system after it's been set up?
To the client, there is just the initial cost, after that, you count your pay-back-period and gains as long as the plant exists.

Would you be able to convert my existing conventional sewage system to yours?
Existing conventional sewage treatment systems do not have the physical and chemical requirements needed to operate an Anaerobic Digestion System and as such cannot be converted. The waste from a conventional sewage system can rather be channelled to an ADS plant.

Are there some industries or institutions that you do not serve?
Our services extend to all industries and institutions because there is always a minimal human presence even in industries whose discards (waste) are totally inorganic.

Is it true that your services are available in all African countries?
We have rendered excellent services in Ghana and are equipped to serve in all corners of Africa.

If your system is so good, why is it not being used all over the place?
The ADS Technology has been slow in catching-up in Africa due to improper education, information dissemination and marketing strategies.

What is the average payback period for your system?
The simple pay-back-period can be determined by:
a) The offset cost of constructing a storage system (septic tank and or treatment plant)
b) The periodic cost of transporting stored and or treated material to its final disposal site
c) Savings on the daily biogas energy supply
d) The sale of captured methane on the CDM market

Is it true that the liquid obtained from your digesting system is scentless?
The effluent slurry from the BTAL/ADS plant is not only odourless, but also nitrogen rich and can serve as soil organic matter enhancer.

What are your clients saying about your solution?
Our clients are highly appreciative and satisfied with the technology, our delivery schedule and quality of construction.

Who are some of your clients?
Some of our clients are major industries, healthcare institutions, educational facilities, hotels, slaughterhouses and private homes in the Republic of Ghana.

What equipment do we need to procure in order to use your solution?
All accessories need to use the BTAL /ADS plants are procured by us for our clients to meet the standard set by our company.

We have unreliable water supply services in our part of town, can we still use your solution?
Our clients can use the plant even in areas where water supply is unavailable.

Do we need electricity to use your system?
One does not need electricity or other forms of energy to operate the ADS plants.

How much does it cost to get your system set up?
There is no standard plant, we can only determine the cost after collecting data, determining the plant size and looking at the cost of construction materials and prevailing labour costs.

What are your terms of payment?
We take 60% for mobilization, collect 20% after 80% completion and 20% after testing and commissioning.


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