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We specialize in the provision of appropriate waste management systems that process organic waste into useful energy and nitrogen-rich plant fertilizer.

We also design and manufacture manometers and Biogas stoves. As well, we provide Biogas Storage Ballons manufactured by Walter Krause GmbH, Domestic Diaphragm Biogas Meters with temperature compensation from Krom Schroder Elster Group and Biogas Generators from Hans-Jurgen Schnell Anlagenbau, our German Technology Partners.

Our service is driven by our concern for the practical and urgent need to address the survival of human, animal and plant polulations of our vast African Continent.

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We Are Now Biogas Technologies Africa Limited
Following our successful expansion across Africa, Biogas Technologies West Africa Limited has now been incorporated as Biogas Technologies Africa Limited.
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BTAL Partners With Genser Power Inc.
BTAL has entered into a collaboration with Genser Power (Ghana) Inc to build a 3 MW power generating facility for the city of Accra, Ghana.
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